How to Use Split View on Mac?


If you’re a Mac user, you know that efficient multitasking is the key to enhancing productivity. Luckily, Apple has a powerful built-in feature called Split View that lets you seamlessly work with multiple applications side by side. With Split View, you can effortlessly multitask without constantly switching between full-screen apps. In this detailed guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about how to use Split View on Mac, helping you make the most of this feature and supercharge your workflow.

How to Use Split View on Mac?

Split View allows you to view and interact with two apps simultaneously in a split-screen view, making it a perfect solution for those who regularly work with multiple apps at once. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Split View on your Mac:

  1. Activate Mission Control: To get started, either swipe up with three fingers on your trackpad or press the Mission Control key (usually F3) on your Mac keyboard. This will bring up Mission Control, where you can manage your open windows and desktop spaces.
  2. Drag a Window to the Top of the Screen: In Mission Control, find the window of the first app you want to use in Split View. Drag that window to the top of your screen. As you do this, a new desktop space will be created for that app.
  3. Enter Split View: Continue holding the window until it shrinks slightly, and a space appears on the opposite side of the screen. Release the window to enter Split View mode.
  4. Choose the Second App: Now, in Split View mode, you’ll see a series of thumbnails displaying your available apps. Click on the thumbnail of the second app you want to use, and it will be placed beside the first app.
  5. Adjust the Split View Divider: You might want to customize the sizes of the two app windows. To do this, simply click and hold the vertical line that separates the two apps, then drag it left or right as per your preference.
  6. Switch Between Full Screen and Split View: While in Split View, you can temporarily maximize one of the apps to full screen by clicking the green maximize button. To exit Split View, click the green button again.
  7. Exit Split View: When you’re done with Split View and want to return to the standard desktop view, drag the app’s window from Split View to the top of the screen until it merges with the desktop space. Alternatively, you can use Mission Control to close the Split View space.

By following these straightforward steps, you can now effectively use Split View on your Mac, significantly enhancing your multitasking abilities and overall productivity.

Why Should You Use Split View?

Split View is more than just a flashy feature; it’s a game-changer for productivity. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider utilizing Split View on your Mac:

  • Enhanced Productivity: Split View allows you to work on two apps simultaneously, making it easy to copy and paste content, reference data, or take notes from one app while actively working in another.
  • Seamless Multitasking: Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between different applications or managing multiple windows. Split View keeps two apps side by side, streamlining your multitasking efforts.
  • Better Focus and Organization: With Split View, you can keep your apps side by side, helping you stay focused on the task at hand without distractions.
  • Efficient Collaboration: For team projects or virtual meetings, Split View is a blessing. You can have a video call on one side while jotting down notes on the other, fostering efficient collaboration.
  • Optimal Use of Screen Real Estate: Especially on smaller screens, Split View maximizes your screen’s real estate, ensuring you get the most out of your Mac’s display.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I use Split View with more than two apps at once? No, Split View is designed to work with only two apps side by side. However, you can still use Mission Control to view multiple app windows across different desktop spaces.
  2. What if I can’t find the Split View option in Mission Control? If you can’t find the Split View option in Mission Control, make sure you have enabled “Displays have separate Spaces” in System Preferences > Mission Control. If it’s already enabled and you still can’t access Split View, try restarting your Mac.
  3. Is Split View available on all Mac models? Yes, Split View is available on Macs running OS X El Capitan (version 10.11) and later versions.
  4. Can I adjust the window size in Split View? Absolutely! You can adjust the size of the windows in Split View by clicking and dragging the vertical line that separates them.
  5. Can I use Split View with full-screen apps? Unfortunately, Split View does not work with apps that are already in full-screen mode. You need to exit full screen before entering Split View.
  6. Does Split View affect the performance of my Mac? In general, Split View itself does not significantly impact the performance of your Mac. However, running resource-intensive apps in Split View may consume more system resources.


Using Split View on your Mac is a valuable skill that can significantly boost your productivity and multitasking capabilities. By seamlessly working with two apps side by side, you can efficiently manage your tasks and stay focused on what matters most. Whether you’re a professional, a student, or anyone who values a streamlined workflow, Split View is here to enhance your Mac experience.

So, why wait? Give Split View a try on your Mac today. With the step-by-step guide provided here, you’ll master this feature in no time. Embrace the power of Split View and take your productivity to new heights!

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