How To Test Disk Speed On macOS?

How To Test Disk Speed On macOS

In today’s fast-moving digital world, keeping your computer’s disk running smoothly is important, especially if you’re using a Mac. When your disk is slow, it can cause frustrating delays and make it harder to get things done. So let’s explore our topic How To Test Disk Speed On macOS. We can show both method to test Disk Speed for Internal and then for external drive also.

Test Speed of Internal Drive

To test the disk speed of your hard drive on Mac OS you’ll need to download software called Black Magic Disk Speed Test.

Step 1. To download it open the app store then search for black magic disk speed test. Now after you get the search results click on black magic disk speed test and then download it.

Black Magic disk speed test

Step 2. Open the Software.

How To Test Disk Speed On macOS .png

Step 3. After the software opens, you can click on the Start speed test option and the disk speed test will begin. By default the target drive is your boot drive. Here you can see the drives read and write speed. To stop the speed test again click on Start the speed test option and the tests will be stopped.

Now to test the speed of your external drive firstly connect your drive and after it appears in the black magic app.

Step1. Click on the gear icon.

Black Magic disk speed test

Step 2. Click on select Target drive option and after that select your drive then click on open now.

How To Test Disk Speed On macOS

Step 3. Just click on the speed test and the external disk speed will be determined began to stop the speed test click on Start so that was it.

Making sure your Mac’s disk is running smoothly is really important for keeping things running well and getting stuff done faster. This guide will show you how to check and make your disk faster, so your Mac works better and you can do things more easily.

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